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Monday, November 7, 2011

Ketupat : Weaving Ketupat with Coconut leaves

Not done this for more than 20 odd years. Hmm I need to start back my skill of weaving the coconut leaf to make "Ketupat"

I managed to do it but it took me about half and hour to complete one "Ketupat"

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eid ul Fitri 2011

Big feast, originally uploaded by mohdnaharazmi.

Wish all Muslims all over the world Happy Eid ul Fitri. 
Coming back to fitri after a month of fasting. 

It is the second day on Eid celebration in Malaysia but the first eid day of Eid for some other countries including Australia, Indonesia and Brunei. 

Just to remind myself don't eat too much during the celebration. I have managed to keep my weight stable since I came back from Melbourne in April. Happy with it I still able to maintain my lifestyle and becoming an icon in my work place, the healthy and fit physician. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The New Beginning

The two tower, originally uploaded by mohdnaharazmi.
Finally I manage to spare bit of time to update my blog.I know most of my friends back in Melbourne might wonder what had happen to me. Since I came back so much thing I had encounter. Work, family and personal matter.

Anyhow I am really hoping that everything will slow down a little bit and I can focus to one thing that I have not accomplish yet.
It is not easy but it could be done. Wish me luck.........

Via Flickr:
Olympus Pen Series : EP-3
M. Zuiko Digital Lens : 12mm f2.0 ED

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Mushrooms

Mushrooms, originally uploaded by mohdnaharazmi.

Found more of these on the weekend on my way to Uni.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Amanda and her story books

I went to Adel and Nazim's house yesterday. As usual each time when I went there, Amanda will always showed me something. Her Cinderella perfume , her toys and so on. And yesterday she showed me all her story book. Then she said "Uncle Nahar, can you take picture of my books?" . So I did. Then I showed her the picture, "Do you like it ?" I asked. "Yea....". Then her aussie ex-cent came our. :-).  Then she asked again, "Uncle Nahar, can you please read the story book for me" . "Ok.." I replied. "Which one do you want me to read for you"."Hmmmm I have, Snow White, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Aladdin ......". "I choose this one ok, little mermaid". Then I started to read the story ...bla bla bla bla........the end.. Then she asked me again. "Uncle Nahar, can you please read for me some more book"   . :-). Alamak kena baca lagi kaa, hehe. I was in a hurry told her politely. I will but next time ok, I need to go now'.."OK" 

So I have to bare in mind next time when I go there I will  read her another  story book.  :-)

Chilli Padi Mamak Kopitiam : Racecourse Road, Flemington : Asam Laksa

Restaurant: Chilli Padi Mamak Kopitiam
Racecourse Road ,Flemington

I had Asam Laksa for lunch. Adel had tried the Asam Laksa few weeks back. She gave 10 out of 10. That too generous :-), giving a full score as if like My Kitchen Rule show. Anyhow.....

I do like it and agree it was good. Same stuff as when I had back home. The Ingredients were perfect. The hot and spiciness for me was enough, the sourness from the tamarind and pineapple perfect and well seasoning. And the most important stuff the black prawn paste/sauce (petis). Yummy..... As if  like a food critique :-)  , I gave 8 / 10. Good food and would recommend this when coming here for a meal.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I was on fire...........

I was so occupied this week, My working hours was extremely super duper long. I have done this before few times, during my degree for my final year medical exam. Then the last 2 months before I had completed my specialist training and then the last 6 weeks especially this one week. Started from 6 or 8 am in the morning then finish either midnight or 3/4 am in the morning. I think this week especially, I was really on fire. My be the new office did contribute a lot with my mood. Once I sit and start working I will continue on and on and on, and I will keep saying hey there's a lot to be done. Each time when I said that the time will drag...without knowing it already 3/4 am in the morning then I stop, cycle back home in early morning had a short nap, got up at 7 or so , have shower etc etc etc then cycle back to Uni. What a bored routine yeah..... Anyhow I did break this routine a while yesterday get back at 5 pm and had a good rest for today. Will make an easy day today but tomorrow (Saturday) will start back the usual routine.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Moomba 2011 firework

Moomba firework , originally uploaded by mohdnaharazmi.
Went for the firework show last night.The firework started at 9.30pm.
Will be my last firework experience in Melbourne.

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